36th Seminar. Technical Imagination in the Russian-Language Unofficial Poetry in the Second Half of 20th Century

Aug. 9, 2023

Speaker: Anna Rodionova (PhD student, HSE Moscow)

Soviet unofficial literature (samizdat and tamizdat) was formed in the process of complex interactions with its official counterpart, for which technology was a meaningful ideological and aesthetic component from the very beginning of its formation. But the dialogue of these two literary strata remains underresearched. The study of technical imagination in the unofficial poetry of the XX century is crucial in the search for the language which could be used in the analysis of the interconnections between the "two literatures". In this presentation, Anna will discuss models of the understanding of the scientific progress that were characteristic of the unofficial poetry of the second half of the XX century, as well as their similarities and differences from official discourse. How the traces of progressivist ideology were refracted in the unofficial literature? How the peculiar relationships between the environment and the text were formed? And how it change the language?

All that will be discussed on the examples of three well-known poetic associations: Lianozovo School, Philological School, and Metarealists.